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( Welcome From The Dean )

A. D. Ali Yasin al-Jubouri / Dean of the college of Archaeology

 The fact that Iraq is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and the Iraqi  old man who helped build one of the greatest ancient civilizations, reflects us the importance of studying archeology branches, multiple knew Archaeology is living history every nation a witness based on what habben its civilization people , is looking for assets civilizations where radicals and the formation of the self, and its field is produced by a human hand in previous eras, and Iraq certainly is one of the richest Nations its Archaeology which    represented a series  from the experiences of the Iraqi man since prehistoric times and even the recent past

Fron here  the importance of the development of the college  means the Archaeology of the civilization of wadi Alrafdeen has adopted the University of Mosul this experience to be the first in Iraq after that the establishment of the college of Archaeology at the University of Mosul in the academic year 2008 - 2009, the aim of preparing scientific group specialized in the field of labor Archaeological all divisions and branches. The total included the first three scientific departments, including the Department of Archaeology and the second section inscriptions and ancient languages ​​Iraqi and civilization Department

And In line with the vision of the university, the college of Archaeology searching for  to fulfill its role under several main themes including, axis educational and through the provision of educational programs developed for students and the axis of scientific research through research and the organization of conferences, seminars and focus of archaeological excavation and preservation Moreover, college is searching for to support its library with new the latest scientific publications in the field of archeology to be one of the most important scientific libraries in the field of ancient history and archeology


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