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( Vision, mission and goals )

College Vision:

The College of Political Science looks forward to be eminent in its scientific specialty and to be one of the leading colleges in the field of political science. It aims to be a pioneering college in serving and developing community by dealing with its issues and recent developments and using the cutting-edge technologies to achieve prominence, firmly and clearly.

                The college of Political Science aims also at achieving the highest level of interaction between the college and the community with its different foundations, as well as promoting the collegiate student scientific and intellectual level.

College Message:

                Preparing the cadres who are specialized in political science and pioneering in doing researches and studies and transferring knowledge for the sake of serving and developing community.

College Objectives:

1-       Preparing high level specialists in political science ready to shoulder their responsibilities in the work field.

2-        Developing and promoting students abilities towards analytical and creative thinking.

3-       Constantly developing the continuous education programs in the field of political science, in order to raise performance skills for state employees and civil society activists.

4-       Solidification of the unified community pillars and encouraging citizenship spirit.

5-    Holding scientific conferences and symposia.

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