The Board of Business Department in Administration and Economic Collage discussed a specialised higher diploma research entitled “Effective leadership and its role in organisational pride” - a survey study on opinions of sample of employees in Administration and Economic Collage”

Professor Dr. “Thaier Ahmed Al-saman” (the dean) accompanied by Professor Dr. “Alla Abdulslam Alhamdany” (The associate dean for scientific affairs) attended part of the discussion session.

The study, which was presented by “Maha Khaleel Mohammed” aimed to clarify the role of the effective leadership in the context of the organisation success and to explain the extent of its effectiveness and to select the positive factors in it for achieving the organisational pride.

The study provided many conclusions but most importantly is that the effective leadership in all its aspects impacts the organizational pride significantly enabling the organization to sustain this pride for enhancing its sustainable competitive advantages.

The panel included the following memebers:
1. Associte Professor Dr. Jarjees Omair Abbas - chair panel
2. Dr. Shaimaa Mohammed Salah - member
3. Dr. Farman Jarad Mejdhab - member and supervisor.

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