Business department in Administration and Economic College held viva for a doctoral dissertation entitled “The employment of strategic smart powers for crisis management: A proposed formwork for the authority of popular mobilisation”

Mosul university chancellor Professor Dr. “Kossay Al-ahmady accompanied by a group of high position academic staff members attended part of the viva.

The study, which was presented by “Waad Mahmood Ahmed Al-Kado”, aimed to cast light on concepts of soft, hard, smart and digital powers and their employment and impact on crisis management.

The study provided many conclusions among which is that the existence of efficient management which is initially formed by wise leaderships that work on establishing crisis management centres as well as on training high level specialised teams would prevent Iraq from falling in economic, fiscal, security, political, social and environmental crisis. .

The viva panel included the following memebers:
1. Professor Dr. Moyeser Ibrahim Al-joboury - chair panel
2. Professor Dr. Ali Razaq Chiad Al-abidy, Kufa university - member
3. Professor Dr. Hatim Ali Abdullah, Tikreet university – member
4. Associate Professor Dr. Eman Basheer Mohammed – member
5. Associate Professor Dr. Alla Abdulmojood Al-anie – member
6. Professor Dr. Alla Ahmed Hassin Al-joboury - member and supervisor.

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