The board of business department in Administration and Economic College at Mosul University held viva of doctoral dissertation entitled “The median role of the enlightened marketing in reasoning the connection of attractive marketing dimensions for achieving successful marketing – an empirical study on a number on a sample of small business managers in Duhok city.

The vice chancellor of the University Professor Dr. Muneer Salim Taha”, the dean of the faculty Professor Dr. Thaier Ahmed Sadown Al-Saman and the associate dean Dr. “Ahmed Hassian Al-Jarjaery” attended part of the viva.

The study, which was presented by “Adel Rafia Adel”, aimed to stress the importance of the study constructs which are part of the contemporary transformative knowledge in marketing literature.

The study concludes that the examining such constructs would contribute in improving and transferring high level of relations amongst the sub-constructs.

The panel included the following memebers:
1. Professor Dr. “Kawa Mohammed Karadagy” (Sulumani University) - chair panel
2. Professor Dr. “Khaiery Ali Osow” (Dohoc tourist office) – member (online)
3. Associate Professor Dr. “Saddown Humood Chetheer” (Baghdad University) – member
4. Associate Professor Dr. “Najla Younus Mohammed Al- Murad – member
5. Associate Professor Dr. “Raiad Adnan Raowf” – member
6. Professor Dr.”Alla Abdulsalam Yahua Al-Hamdany” member and supervisor
7. Professor Dr. “Darman Suliman Sadiq Al-namer” (Dohok University) member and co-supervisor

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