The Department of Industrial Management at the College of Administration and Economics, University of Mosul, discussed on Thursday 1 December 2022 , the doctoral thesis tagged "Multiple Life Cycle and Product-Oriented Service System in Enhancing the Sustainability of Industrial Products / A Field Study in the Babylon Battery Factory of the State Company for Automotive and Equipment Industry" .

The current study presented by the student "Islam Yousef Al-Obaidi" in the Department of Industrial Management sought to stand on the reality of the application of the multiple life cycle and the product-oriented service system, and what the reality of that application reflects on the sustainability of the products of the factory under study, with an indication of the contents and limits of the relationship and impact between the variables of the current study.

The discussion committee was headed by Prof. Dr. Maysar Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Jubouri and the membership of Prof. Dr. Alaa Haseeb Al-Jalili, Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasser Alak Hafez from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Assistant Professor Dr. Raad Adnan Raouf and Assistant Professor Dr. Shifa Balasem Hassan from the Administrative Technical College / Baghdad and the membership and supervision of the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Thaer Ahmed Saadoun Al-Samman.


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏‏١٠‏ أشخاص‏، و‏أشخاص يقفون‏‏ و‏منظر داخلي‏‏


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏‏٩‏ أشخاص‏، و‏أشخاص يقفون‏‏ و‏منظر داخلي‏‏


قد تكون صورة ‏شخص واحد‏


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏‏٦‏ أشخاص‏، و‏‏أشخاص يجلسون‏، و‏أشخاص يقفون‏‏‏ و‏منظر داخلي‏‏



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