The Department of Economics at the College of Administration and Economics, University of Mosul, discussed on Tuesday 6 December 2022, the master's thesis tagged "Measuring and analyzing the impact of financial variables on inflation rates in selected Arab countries for the period "1995-2020".

The current study, presented by the student Nour Bahaa El-Din Mahmoud in the Department of Economics, aimed to show the role of financial changes, which express the tools of fiscal policy in addition to monetary variables in the face of inflation in selected Arab countries, as well as to identify the effectiveness of these variables.

 The discussion committee was headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Saadoun Hussein Farhan, and the membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Zaki Hussein Qader from Salahaddin University, and Assistant Professor Dr. Uday Salem Ali, under the supervision and membership of Prof. Dr. Hashem Muhammad Al-Arkoob.


قد تكون صورة ‏‏شخص واحد‏ و‏تحتوي على النص '‏الباحثة نور بشاء الدين العنزي لورد‏'‏‏


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏٤‏ أشخاص‏ و‏أشخاص يجلسون‏‏


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏٥‏ أشخاص‏ و‏منظر داخلي‏‏


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏٤‏ أشخاص‏ و‏منظر داخلي‏‏



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