The Department of Economics at the College of Administration and Economics, University of Mosul, discussed on Sunday 29 January 2023,  the master's thesis tagged "Local bank credit in light of macroeconomic variables - Jordan and Iraq - a comparative study"

Part of it was attended by the Assistant President for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Munir Salem Taha, and the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Thair Ahmed Saadoon Al-Samman.

The current study presented by the student "Zahraa Mohammed Hassan Jassim" aims to discuss the subject of bank credit of great importance, especially in financial and monetary studies, and the importance of the research stems from its treatment of an important topic of economic topics, which is bank credit and the role that it can play as a financial intermediary to mobilize savings in its various forms and employ them according to the necessary controls and instructions, which made it gain the attention of economists and economic decision-makers.

The discussion committee was headed by Prof. Dr. Hana Abdul Hussein Muhaimeed from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Baghdad, and the membership of Prof. Dr. Hashem Muhammad Al-Arkoob, and Assistant Professor Dr. Rabah Jamil Saad Al-Din, under the supervision and membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Abdullah Khader Abtan.


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏٧‏ أشخاص‏ و‏أشخاص يجلسون‏‏


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏‏٨‏ أشخاص‏، و‏‏أشخاص يجلسون‏، و‏أشخاص يقفون‏‏‏ و‏منظر داخلي‏‏


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏٤‏ أشخاص‏ و‏أشخاص يقفون‏‏


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏‏١٠‏ أشخاص‏، و‏أشخاص يجلسون‏‏ و‏أشخاص يقفون‏‏


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏‏٧‏ أشخاص‏، و‏أشخاص يجلسون‏‏ و‏منظر داخلي‏‏


قد تكون صورة ‏‏شخص واحد‏ و‏منظر داخلي‏‏


قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏شخص واحد‏، و‏وقوف‏‏ و‏منظر داخلي‏‏



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