Prof. Dr. Munir Al-Badrany (Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs) and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Younis Al-Allaf (Dean of the College) attended the discussion of a Ph.D. thesis in the Department of Food Sciences/ College of Agriculture and Forestry / University of Mosul for the student (Ruqaya Fouad Lafi) on Sunday, 27-November -2022. Thesis title (The effect of some food additives to wheat bread dough on the response of blood glucose and glucose index in humans).

The discussion committee consisted of:

  1. Prof. Dr. Mowaffaq Mahmoud Ahmed ... (Chairman).
  2. Prof. Dr. Faryal Farouk Hussein                           ... (Member).
  3. Prof. Dr. Mazen Muhammad Ibrahim           .... (Member).
  4. Dr. Rafiq Muhammad Salih                        ... (Member).
  5. Dr. Sabiha Hussain Ahmad              ... (Member).
  6. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Thanoun                .... (Member and supervisor).

Then the discussion committee read the decision, which included acceptance of the thesis and awarded the student an M.Sc. degree.

*****Congratulations *****

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