Prof. Dr. Asst. Faiza Muhammad al-Mashhadani, an instructor in the Department of Arabic Language / College of Basic Education, chaired a discussion committee for a master’s thesis tagged with (Feminist Characters in the Literature of Maysaloon Hadi Al-Rawi) for the student Wasan Sultan Ahmed, and the discussion took place in the University of Mosul at the College of Education for Girls / Department of the Arabic Language on Monday morning Corresponding 2-3-2020 on the hall of Prof. Dr. Khawla Al -Fulaih The message was approved with a very good high rating. The discussion committee consisted of the professors :

Prof. Dr. Asst. Faiza Muhammad al-Mashhadani …… Head of the committee-

Prof. Dr. Asst. Bashar Ibraheem Naief …… Member-

-Prof. Dr. Asst. Mahmmoud A'ed Ateea ……. Member

Prof. Dr. Eshtaar Dawood  …… Member and Supervisor -

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