Under the supervision of Mr. Dean of the College of Basic Education, Prof. Dr. Saleh Ardeni, the examinations of postgraduate students, masters and doctoral degrees began today, Tuesday, 6/23/2020,the number of students participating, has reached 113 students in the fields of English language, Arabic language, history, teaching methods, physical education and sports sciences , the exams were well done on Edmodo electronic platform , As the exam was monitored via the internet by the deanship and the specialized committee, directing students to enter the exam platform regularly and legally, and fixing the attendance photo and sound by holding an electronic meeting on Zoom platform for all examined students.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Dean, and his scientific assistant in continuous communication with the members of the electronic committee, and supervising its work, and overcome the difficulties it faces, as well as in communication with the sub-committees in the scientific sections of the college, and that these committees have finished putting electronic questions for post-graduate examinations and complementary examinations for students of preliminary studies, which took place today and through cyberspace on Edmodo platform .

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