In the presence of the Dean of the College of Basic Education, Assistant Professor Dr. Safaa al-Din Abdullah Suleiman, the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tawfiq Osman Agha, the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Yunus Saleh Al-Jeraisy, and a group of professors of the Arabic Language Department, Dr. Jassim Mohammed Jassim, Dr. Rafe Ibrahim Ahmed, Dr. Zahraa Saad Al-Din Sheet, Dr. Hala Abdel Fattah Saeed,  today, Sunday 23/8/2020, the new head of the Arabic language department, Assistant Professor Dr. Nabhan Hassoun Abdullah Al-Saadoun, and the rector, Dr. Hala Abdel Fattah Saeed, Lect. Wala Hashem Ahmed have held a ceremony to honor the former head of the department, Assistant Professor Dr. Salem Najm Abdullah, in which they expressed their sincere thanks and deep gratitude for his sincere efforts in the past two years of his assumption of the position, especially the exceptional efforts in light of the Corona pandemic .. Nabhan Hassoun prayed to God Almighty to help him to perform the duties of the position to the fullest, and to be according to what everyone thinks about him ( my success is only with Allah on him I trust and to whom I repent)  

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