Master student Neam Abdul Muneem/statistic department, will discuss master dissertation in titled (Employing Evolutionary Algorithim for Parameter Estimation of the Penalized Support Vector Machine) on 6/10/2019 and on the discussion hall in the college. The dissertation is written in Arabic and the discussion committee consists of:

Dr. Abdul Raheem Khalaf Rahee / Prof./ Chairman

Dr. Taha Huseen Ali/ Prof./ Member

Dr.Gamal Salah Aldeen / Assistant Prof./ Member

Dr. Muthana Subhi Soliman/ Assistant Prof./ Member

Dr.Iman Tareq Hamed / Assistant Prof./ Member

Dr.Zakarea Yehai Algamal/ Prof./ member and supervisor

Dr.Omar Saber Kasem / Prof./ member and supervisor

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