Under the sponsor of the university chancellor Prof. Qusai Al-Ahmadi and the college dean Prof. Nizar Hamdoon Shukur, and the direct supervision of the head of department Prof. Dhuha Basheer, the 4th Symposium of the Computer Science department entitled "Towards Scientific and Objective Indicators on the Quality of Publishing" was held On Tuesday, December 24, 2019 at the main deanship hall. The Symposium discussed 4 publishing aspects. First, the importance of scientific publishing on the status of the University of Mosul and how it can play a significant role in promoting the university among the region universities. Second, the most recent updates on the requirements of the scientific promotion of the faculty members that were issued and passed by the ministry of higher education and scientific research in Iraq. Third, the ideal strategies in preparing academic documents under the term "Plagiarism" and how to minimize it when writing research articles. The final aspect discussed during the symposium was, the strategies that can be followed by the researchers in selecting the most convenient publishing venues for their works. The symposium ended with recommendations presented by the head of the department.

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