In continuation of the scientific research movement and with the follow-up of the Dean of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics, Prof. Dr. Duha Bashir Abdullah, the respected

Discussed in the discussion room of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul, the master's thesis tagged:

"Improving the FIS Model to Solve Classification Problems Using Swarm Algorithms"

For the student Fatima Hashem Najm and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Omar Saber Qassem

This thesis included studying the fuzzy inference systems of the first type (T1FIS) Type-1 Fuzzy Inference System, and the fuzzy inference systems of the second type (T2FIS) Type-2 Fuzzy Inference System, and studying the possibility of improving these systems (T1FIS, T2FIS) through algorithms. Swarms, as the focus was on the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm, and the Black Hole Algorithms (BHA) algorithm, and their use in improving the parameters of the membership functions of these systems, as the two types of fuzzy inference systems (T1FIS, T2FIS) were applied to the data Thalassemia patients, which consisted of 150 samples of the disease, were collected from Ibn Al-Atheer Hospital in Nineveh Governorate. (Patient's age, erythroblasts and number of blood units) were adopted as independent variables with the greatest effect on the dependent variable (bone marrow age).

The discussion panel consisted of: 
Dr. Ban Ahmed Hassan - President
Dr. Khalil Khader Abbo - Member
Prof. Dr. Fawzia Mahmoud Ramo - Member
Dr. Omar Saber Qassem - Member and Supervisor
The student obtained a master's degree in mathematics, so congratulations to the student and the supervisor for their scientific achievement.

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