A master's thesis entitled: Time Series Analysis of Non-Linear Dynamical Systems of Epidemic Diseases was discuused , for student Arqam Salem Mahmoud Daoud , under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Maysoon Malallah Aziz.

The dissertation discusses building a mathematical model (SIR) as a continuous nonlinear dynamic system linked to time and finding its parameters and integrating it with (Runge-Kutta) numerical method with the fourth, sixth and seventh orders to study the dynamic systems of epidemic diseases, including disease (COVID-19) as well as finding the basic reproduction number (R0) ) and prove that it is an outbreak disease and study its characteristics with checking the stability of the dynamic system of the epidemic disease (COVID-19) using the methods (Characteristic Equation Roots) and (CRITERIANROUTH-HURWITZ) as well as (Lyaponuv Function). The binary test (0-1) was also used to know the chaotic behavior of the disease, and the (Power Spectrum System) was used as an indicator of proving the chaotic dynamic system of the epidemic disease COVID-19) with application to a number of international countries, including Iraq and Italy.

The discussion committe consisted of: 

Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghafour Jassim Salem - Chairman 
Ass. Prof. Dr. Ghassan Ezzedine Aref - Member
Dr. Osama Bashir Hanoun - Member
Aiis. Prof. Dr. Maysoon Mal Allah Aziz - member and supervisor.

The student obtained master's degree in mathematics.

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