Discussion of a master's thesis in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics - Department of Statistics and Informatics entitled (Estimation of the parameter of marking in multivariate nonparametric regression)
On Wednesday, 8-9-2021, the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul discussed a master's thesis on nonparametric regression by student Marwa Yahya Abbas and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Zakaria Yahya Al-Jammal.
The study submitted by the student dealt with a proposal to employ an algorithm inspired by nature, represented by the black hole algorithm, in the process of estimating the smoothing parameter matrix in both estimators.
The thesis dealt with the use of the Monte-Carlo method in simulation to generate data that follow a number of multiple nonparametric regression models. The simulation results, based on the mean of the squares of error, by placing them as a standard of comparison, showed that the proposed method is superior to other estimation methods.
The study aims to apply the employment of the proposed method to real data in the environmental field of air pollution, and the results obtained are identical to the results of simulation experiments, with the superiority of the proposed method as well.
The discussion committee was chaired by Assistant Professor Dr. Bashar Abdel Aziz Al-Talib and the membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Munther Abdullah Khalil from Tikrit University and Dr. Zaid Tariq Saleh, under the supervision and membership of Professor Dr. Zakaria Yahya Al-Jammal.


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