On Thursday, 7-10-2021, the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul discussed the master's thesis by student Nora Suhail Ismail Hawa and under the supervision of Dr.Dr. Salih Muayyad Gerges entitled (Improving the Supportive Regression Vector Using Intuitive Algorithms with Application)
The thesis submitted by the student dealt with the proposal to use the support vector regression model with the strawberry algorithm inspired by nature and compare it with the intuitive algorithms.
The study dealt with the use of the support vector regression with the strawberry algorithm with three types of selection methods, namely the hemp method, the method of choosing the roulette wheel, and the combination of the elite methods and the roulette wheel. And compare it with the algorithms, namely the genetic algorithm, the flock of birds algorithm, the annealing algorithm, and the last network search algorithm.

The study aims to obtain the best combination of hyperparameters for the Support Vector Regression. The Strawberry Algorithm algorithm was employed and based on the root mean square error criterion RMSE with the application on experimental data and real data in order to prove the efficiency of this algorithm to obtain the best combination of hyperparameters.
The discussion committee was chaired by Assistant Professor Dr. Safwan Omar Hassoun and the membership of both Assistant Professor Dr. Muthanna Sobhi Suleiman and Assistant Professor Masoud Muhammad Hassan from Zakho University and under the supervision and membership of Dr. Saleh Muayyad Gerges

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