A master's thesis was discussed in the discussion room at the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on Wednesday 10-2021, entitled:
(study of some geometric properties of Holomorphic functions)
For the student Muhammad Ahmed Fathi Hassan and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Salman Juma

The thesis explored some new concepts about the analytic and geometric properties involving a specific harmonic function of f=h+g ̅ in the punched unit disk U. We study certain subclasses of the harmonic function of the shape f=h+g ̅ in the U disk, we get terms Necessary and sufficient conditions, distortion theory and convex addition condition.

The thesis also discusses many monomorphic geometric functions in the open unit disk U, and we study some differential dependency results involving the factor I_(δ,β)^μ D^k φ(z) and we study the quasi-dependency of the Holomore function in k determined by a linear operator in Open unit disk. The Fekete–SzegÖ boundary ownership of this factor is derived from these subcategories. Finally, we study the subclass B_k^c(z,α) which is a monovalent function of the open unit disk U, studied by seivastava and Gobory.

The aim of the thesis: To obtain some geometric properties of a special class such as modulus inequality, extreme point, and Fekete- SzegÖ inequality. We define a subclass D^n(λ,l) of a monomorphic function using the operator D^n(λ,l,η,k) which is analytic in the perforated disk unit U, we obtain the inequality and growth coefficient and investigate the theorems of distortion and quasi-radii Astral, Convexity and Neighborhood Element 〖.D〗^n (λ,l,η,k)

The discussion committee was chaired by Prof. Dr. Ammar Siddiq Mahmoud and the membership of Prof. Dr. Waqas Ghaleb Atshan / University of Al-Qadisiyah / College of Science and Assistant Professor Dr. Hussam Qassem Muhammad and under the supervision and membership of Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Salman Juma’a / University of Anbar / College of Education for Pure Sciences.

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