A master’s thesis was discussed in the discussion hall of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on Sunday 24/10/2021 by Zainab Sami Ibrahim Mustafa, under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Saleh, entitled:
Hybridization of computational optimization algorithms for lower foot recognition.

The message addressed authentication via biometric verification increasingly common in public security systems, companies and consumer electronics, criminal investigations and security protection, as the driving force behind the emergence of biometric technologies is the identification of a person, through biological and behavioral characteristics such as fingerprints, retina, And footprint, and intelligent algorithms (Intelligence Algorithm) is one of the methods used in the classification and selection of these characteristics and features.

The thesis dealt with the study of some branches of artificial intelligence, which is swarm intelligence, represented by the Emperor Penguins Colony, and examples of Harris Hawks Optimization, and the Marine Predators Algorithm. We proposed new hybrid algorithms:
First: - The hybrid emperor penguin colony algorithm with examples of Harris's hawks
Hybrid Emperor Penguin Colony Algorithm with Harris's Hawk's Optimization
Second:- The hybrid emperor penguin colony algorithm with marine predators algorithm
Hybrid Emperor Penguin Colony Algorithm with Marine Predators’ Algorithm

Then we applied these hybrid algorithms to identify patterns by using them to identify the footprint and then compare the results for all the new algorithms, and more efficient results were obtained compared to the original algorithm.
The discussion committee was chaired by Prof. Dr. Abbas Hassan Taqi / University of Kirkuk / College of Science, and the membership of each of the
Assistant Professor Dr. Hamsa Tharwat Saeed, Assistant Professor Baida Suleiman Behnam, with membership and supervision
Assistant Professor Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Saleh.

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