A master’s thesis was discussed in the discussion room of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on Monday 25/10/2021 by the student Laila Hadi Gwer Ismail and under the supervision of the teacher, Dr. Shatha Abdullah Muhammad, with the title:
A proposed hybrid intelligence model for analyzing genetic anomalies

The thesis proposed a method to extract the required features for SNPs by adopting a new kernel in the "Kernel Principle Component Analysis KPCA algorithm" for the purpose of discrimination, as well as combining it with the "Particle Swarm Optimization PSO" algorithm named PSO_KPCA.

The proposed method was applied to ten real experimental data from the global HapMap website, and it was found that the proposed method
It achieved an accuracy of 98.22% if the affected SNPs were distinguished.
Objective: The proposed method is presented in an integrated software model available on GUI written in Matlab®2019a, that reads the *.hmp data file, as well as performs a number of comprehensive exploratory analyzes of the data at the genome level.

The discussion committee was chaired by Prof. Dr. Khalil Khader Abbo / Tal Afar University / College of Basic Education, and the membership of each of the
Prof. Dr. Omar Saber Qassem and Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Wajid Muhammad Ali
Membership and supervision of the teacher, Dr. Shatha Abdullah Mohammed.

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