It was discussed in the discussion room of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on Wednesday 10/27-2021.
Master's thesis by student Abbas Saleh Ahmed Hamoudi, under the supervision of the assistant professor, Dr. Nabil Ezzedine Aref, entitled:
(A study of some type of rings in graph theory)

In this study, a new definition of the pure ring graph is presented. The modified pure loop graph is called the clean loop graph denoted by M - cl (R) such that there is an edge between any two vertices (s , t), h) (k , if and only if sk = 1ks = 1 or ht = th = 1.

The study also included the definition of a regular pure loop called the pure regular graph of the loop indicated by r - cl (R) as having an edge between two vertices (s , t ), h) (k , , if and only if sk = ks = 0 or ht = th = 1
In addition, the study included the definition of the graph of some loops indicated by G (R) and there is an edge between the two vertices if and only if a + b = 1, and the vertex (0) is contiguous with all vertices of G (R), so that the elements of the loop represent vertices graph.
The results obtained in this thesis study the diameter, planar graph, complementary graph, group number, chromatic number, independence number and dominant group number. And some types of polynomials and their indicators and some types of topological indicators for all simple graphs.

The discussion committee was chaired by Prof. Dr. Raeda Daoud Mahmoud and the membership of both Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Ali and Assistant Professor Dr. Beyman Abbas Rashid/ Salah al-Din University/ College of Basic Education
Under the supervision and membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Nabil Ezzedine Aref / University of Tikrit / College of Computer Science and Mathematics.

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