Discussion of a higher diploma thesis in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics - Department of Computer Science entitled (Predicting the level of risk in a geographical location according to the spread of Covid-19 using data mining)

Discussed at the College of Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Mosul on March 27, 2022, Higher Diploma Thesis (Predicting the level of risk in a geographical location according to the spread of COVID-19 using data mining)
For the student Ibtisam Abbas Othman and under the supervision of Dr. Ban Sharif Mustafa
The thesis submitted by the student dealt with building a deep learning model to predict the path of the spread of Covid-19 disease, such as the number of new cases or the number of deaths in the coming days and according to the Iraqi governorates.
The study dealt with the use of the deep learning algorithm LSTM for its effective performance in predicting the direction of future registered cases. The results showed a high accuracy in the performance of the model.

The study aims to anticipate the governorates in which the infection rates are high and may be the epicenter of the disease’s spread. This prediction may contribute to directing to take the necessary measures, including securing the necessary health teams and imposing restrictions on movement in that area, which may contribute to limiting the spread of the virus.
The discussion committee was chaired by Prof. Fawzia Mahmoud Ramo and the membership of the assistant professor, Dr. Ghaida Abdel Aziz Majid, and the supervision and membership of the teacher, Dr. Ban Sharif Mustafa.


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