Discussion of a Master’s Thesis in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics - Department of Computer Science entitled (Developing a Big Data Platform for Monitoring the Container-Based Environment)
Discussed at the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on 4/6/2022, a master’s thesis tagged with (Developing a Big Data Platform for Monitoring the Container-Based Environment) by Arkan Abdulelah Khader Al-Habbo and under the supervision of a Prof. Dr. Narrated by Peter Paul

I addressed the message submitted by the student
The design and implementation of a Big Data Platform for monitoring, analyzing and tracking errors in a container-based environment (Docker Swarm cluster), where the Big Data platform was designed and customized using (Apache Hadoop) in addition to (Apache Hive) to monitor and analyze the performance of an environment Containers after collecting and structuring performance and status data for containers.

The study dealt with the use of
Customizing the Big Data platform based on (Hadoop MapReduce) as well as building new custom models for the purpose of collecting, structuring and storing performance and state data of the container environment (Docker Swarm cluster) and using (Apache Hive) to implement tailored instructions for the purpose of performance monitoring and analysis of environment behavior containers based on the data collected and structured”

The study aims to
Providing a large data platform dedicated to monitoring and analyzing the performance of the container environment based on a wide range of performance and status data produced by the containers, where the data was collected and structured using a new model specially designed for this purpose. This platform, in turn, will provide great possibilities for administrators of systems based on the container environment to monitor Analyzing the performance of their systems and tracking errors, if any.

The discussion committee was chaired by Prof. Bashir Adallah sacrificed as president
Dr. Basem Mohamed Mahmoud as a member
Dr. Fares Saleh Fathi as a member
Dr. Rawaa Boutros Boulos, member and supervisor

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