Discussion of a higher diploma thesis in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics - Software Department titled (Design of agent-based modeling software for the spread of the Coronavirus)

On Monday 4-4-2022, the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul discussed the Higher Diploma Thesis (Design of Agent-Based Modeling Software for the Spread of the Coronavirus.) by Baida Abdul-Hadi Mustafa Al-Assaf and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zaki Hassan
The thesis submitted by the student dealt with designing an agent-based model (ABM) using aspect-oriented programming (AOP).
The study examined the use of ABM simulation proposal design using software engineering modeling technique to allow effective reconfiguration of the proxy definition in terms of healthy subjects, infection and recovery.

The study aims to simulate the dynamics of a pandemic using a community of agents that simulates people, businesses, and government.
The discussion committee consisted of:
Prof. Asmaa Yassin Hammou - Chairman, Prof. Karam Hatem Thanoun - Member, and Prof. Muhammad Zaki Hassan - Member and Supervisor.

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