Discussion of a master’s thesis in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics - Department of Computer Science entitled (Securing the Internet of Things through the design of a new S-box)
Discussed at the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on May 15-2021, Master's thesis (Securing the Internet of Things through the design of a new S-box)
For the student Hind Abdul-Ghani Ahmed Jassim and under the supervision of the assistant professor, Dr. Sufian Salem Al-Dabbagh

The student's thesis addressed the importance of securing the Internet of Things, and the use of a lightweight 4×4 S-Box with strong cryptography, dynamically generated to secure IoT devices with limited resources.

The study dealt with the use of a new algorithm to generate the S-Box consisting of a logistic chaotic map and an improved version of the modern intelligent jellyfish search algorithm (Artificial Jellyfish search optimizer) deduced from the movement of jellyfish in the ocean while searching for food, for the purpose of Use the generated box to secure the Internet of Things.

The study aims to develop a new algorithm to dynamically generate a new compensatory S-box that meets the statistical criteria of the effective s-box, while achieving a good balance between security and processing load in order to obtain a secure, lightweight S-box that is easy to implement for real-life applications for the purpose of securing IoT devices with limited resources .

Chair the discussion committee
Professor Dr. Dagan Bashir Taha, President
Assistant Professor Dr. Miwan Bahjat Abdul Razzaq Member
teacher Dr. Uday Hashem Saeed as a member
Assistant Professor Dr. Sufian Salem Mahmoud, member and supervisor

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