The Seventh International Scientific Conference in Computer Science and Mathematics ICCITM-2021, which was held by the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul for the period 18-19 August 2021, was referred to in the IEEE Global Communications Newsletter for the month of June 2022, as stated in the speech of Prof. Dr. Sattar Badr Sadkhan, President IEEE ComSec Iraq Branch

It is noteworthy that during the year 2021, the Iraqi branch of IEEE ComSoc, in cooperation with the IEEE Iraq Department, participated in organizing eight international conferences under the technical sponsorship of IEEE.

Where these conferences were held in eight Iraqi universities. The main tasks of IEEE ComSoc Iraq were to act as volunteers to enhance the quality of scientific and technical organization and to attract academics (from Iraqi universities and from outside Iraq) to promote and participate in these conferences.

This report is a very important message to the world about the wonderful scientific output of the Iraqi scientific mind in Iraqi universities in general, and in Mosul University in particular.

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