Discussion of a doctoral thesis in the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics - Department of Mathematics entitled:

Solving system of Fuzzy Integral equations by Analytical and Numerical Methods

A PhD thesis was discussed in the discussion hall of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on Monday 7-18-2021, a doctoral thesis of the student Mahasin Thabet Younes, under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Walid Muhammad Fathi Al-Hayani.

This thesis dealt with comparing the approximate solution of ADM using numerical methods which are Trapezoidal rule (TRAP) and Simpson rule (SIMP), the methods gave excellent results close to the exact solution.

The thesis dealt with the study of convergence in fuzzy systems and the theoretical results were applied.
The numerical results we obtained from ADM showed that the method is of high accuracy, more convenient and efficient for solving linear and non-linear FSVIEs and type II FSVIEs and linear and nonlinear FSVIEs of type II.

The study aims to use the Adomian decomposition method (ADM) to solve fuzzy systems of Volterra and Fredholm integral equations (FSVIEs), linear and non-linear type II (FSFIEs), and to use the Adomian decomposition method (ADM) and the developed technique (MT) to solve fuzzy systems of Volterra equations and Fredholm Integral-Differentials (FSVIDEs) and Linear and Nonlinear Type II FSFIDEs.

The discussion committee consisted of:
Prof. Dr. Saad Abdullah Manna - University of Zakho - Faculty of Science - President
Prof. Dr. Omar Saber Qassem - Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ikhlas Saadallah Ahmed - Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Muhammad Amin - Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Alan Jalal Abdul Qadir - Al-Mustansiriya University, College of Education - Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Walid Muhammad Fathi Al-Hayani - Member and Supervisor

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