Discussion of a master's thesis in the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics - Department of Mathematics entitled:
Derivation of Operational Matrices for types of Horadam polynomials for solving a Mathematical Model of Nutrient Influence on Fungal Growth

It was discussed in the discussion room at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on Thursday, 9/22/2022
Master's thesis by student Dilbreen Ibrahim Saleh Smou, under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Farouk Qassem.

The thesis dealt with the development and improvement of polynomial methods for solving ordinary, linear and nonlinear second order partial differential equations using factor matrices of types of Horadam polynomials to solve a mathematical model representing the effect of nutrients on the growth of fungi.
The thesis dealt with solving two mathematical models representing competition between fungi and access to available nutrients, which are general systems that describe controlling the spread of fungi through manipulating the nutrients available to them. Where the systems were solved using the aforementioned polynomials and compared with their accuracy in arriving at the exact solution.

The study aims to study the effect of parameters on the spread and growth of fungi, after obtaining a general formula for numerical solutions for non-linear systems, and then study the effect of increasing or decreasing these parameters and their absence on the growth of fungi in plants. In addition, the genetic algorithm was used to find the best values ​​for the parameters α, θ, ϑ_j, α_j, β_j, in the Horadam polynomials, which gave the best solutions for the two mathematical models and to find the values ​​of the absolute error and the squared error rate. And a few repetitions.
Taft panel discussion from:
so. Saad Abdullah Manna - University of Zakho - Faculty of Science - President
Prof. Dr. Walid Mohamed Fathi - Member
Prof. Dr. Badran Jassem Salem - University of Mosul - College of Basic Education - Member
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Farouk Qassem - Member and Supervisor

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