Discussion of a master's thesis in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics - Software Department
(Classification of Retinal Diseases Caused by Diabetes Using Convolution Neural Network)

A master's thesis was discussed at the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on Sunday 25-9-2022, by the student (Roaa Walid Ghanem Al-Tai), under the supervision of Prof. Aseel Walid Ali Al-Nuaimi.
The thesis submitted by the student dealt with building an advanced software system that harnesses the high capabilities of neural networks and deep learning algorithms DCNN in processing images captured for the fundus of the eye, extracting their properties, classifying them and giving results automatically with high accuracy and efficiency.

The study aims to develop an automated software system that assists ophthalmologists in examining and examining the patient's condition by means of images captured by the retina and giving results quickly and with high accuracy and classifying the injury as early NPDR, moderate NPDR, severe NPDR and Proliferative PDR. A copy of the system was exported to It is an executable file that can be run on any computer running Windows directly without the need to install any auxiliary programs.
The discussion committee consisted of:

Prof. Dr. Laheeb Mohamed Ibrahim - Chairman
Assistant Professor Dr. Miwan Bahjat Abdul Razzaq/ Zakho University - Member
Assistant Professor Dr. Baida Ibrahim Khalil - Member
Assistant Professor Aseel Walid Ali - Member and Supervisor

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