Ph.D. Dissertation Final Defense

As part of the academic activities of our college, Asmaa Moafaq Alqassabhas successfullypassed herPh.D. final defense entitled “Protection of Relational Databases by Means of Watermarking” in September 29, 2022 (Thursday).

Asmaa has developed watermarking techniques that are used in securing relational databases from cyberattacks that can lead to unauthorized access to data. The proposed approaches were tested using 7 types of attacks (Bilateral Filtering, Histogram Equalization, Intensity Adjustment, Image Inversion, Salt and Pepper Noise, Gaussian Noise, Sharpening). The metrics used in benchmarking the proposed approaches were SSIM, PSNR, MSE, and IF. The author proved that her proposal was efficient and reliable.

The scientific committee included the following members:

  • Dr. Wisam Sameer Bahyea (University of Babylon)/ Chief
  • Dr. Alaa Kadhim Farhan (University of Technology)/ Member
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Ahmed Sami Nori (University of Mosul)/ Member
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hazim Younis (University of Nineveh)/ Member
  • Associate Prof. Yaseen Hikmat Ismail (University of Mosul)/ Member
  • Dr. Mafaz Alanezi (University of Mosul)/ Advisor and Member


Congratulations Dr. Asmaa, we hope you all the best

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