Master  Dissertation Final Defense

As part of the academic activities of our college, Teba Ali Jassm has successfully passed her Master final defense entitled “Building a software tool to detect network attacks using artificial intelligence techniques” in 5/10 /2022.

Teba has developed a system that detects network attacks using artificial intelligence techniques. The study dealt with training the Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and Long-Term Memory (LSTM) algorithms based on two commonly used and recent data sets in different attack and intrusion detection systems. Training and losing. The study aims to create a software tool that predicts the type of network traffic, whether it is harmful or benign


The scientific committee included the following members:

  • Prof. Dr. Mafaz Alanezi (University of Mosul) Chief
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Jamal Salah Aldeen  (University of Mosul)/ Member
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Ali Othman (University of Nineveh)/ Member
  • Dr. Muna M. T. Jawhar (University of Mosul)/  Member and Supervisor 

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