Discussion of a master's thesis in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics - Department of Mathematics Sciences entitled:

In continuation of the scientific research movement and with the follow-up and presence of the Dean of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Duha Bashir Abdullah The esteemed

It was discussed in the discussion room at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on Wednesday 5/10/2022

Master's thesis by student Nesma Jamil Hamid Muhammad, under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Hamsa Tharwat Saeed.

Conjugate gradient methods are widely used in optimization, especially in solving unconstrained nonlinear problems ofLarge dimensions, because it does not need to store any array.

The thesis dealt with the derivation of a new conjugation parameter for the three-dimensional conjugate gradient method using a non-linear searchControlled, this method achieved sufficient conditional regression and global convergence under some assumptions.

A new parameter was also proposed for the conjugated gradient method with three dimensions, using an uncontrolled search lineAlso, the condition of sufficient regression and global convergence has been proven under some assumptions.

These two methods proved their efficiency through numerical results in practice by taking a number of test functionsNonlinearity in the unconstrained optimization and comparing its results with the results of standard functions of (HS-Algorithm) and(PR-Algorithm) based on number of functions (NOF), number of iterations (NOI) and time (CPU) usingFortran (6.6) program through proven tables and the results of these functions have been plotted using the program)Dolan-More(


1-Prof. Dr.Abbas Younis Alias / Chief

2-Prof. Dr.Basim Abbas Hassan / Member

3-Associate Prof. Dr.MunaMohsenMohamed Ali / Member

4-AssociateProf. Dr. HamsaTharwat Saied / Advisor and Member



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