On Thursday, 10-6-2022  PhD thesis by Marwan Saleh Jamil Qassem, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Abbas Younis Elias and Prof. Dr. Zakaria Yahya Nouri was discussed in the discussion room at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul

The thesis deals with the improvement and development of various iterative regression algorithms to solve unconstrained optimization problems, while improving the effectiveness of these algorithms to solve problems of different dimensions. This work also included the development of some optimization techniques with the swarm intelligence algorithm to be applied in the estimation issue.

The thesis touched on the traditional conjugated gradient algorithms that include the value of the objective function derived from the confidence region pattern, and then studying its theoretical properties, which are used in the subsequent parts. It also touched on a new field of Newton-like algorithms known for scaling multiple parameters from variable metric algorithms with double parameters.

The study aims to propose the SWITCH algorithm among the most important regression algorithms (conjugated gradient and variable metric) to generate a method capable of solving the largest number of functions with different dimensions. As well as the interference of one of the most important intelligent algorithm FPA and its use to improve the performance of the algorithm similar to Newton BFGS. Then apply the algorithm to the question of guessing parameters for truncated distributions.

The discussion committee consisted of:

Prof. Dr. Abbas Hassan Taqi - University of Kirkuk - College of Science - President
Prof. Eman Tariq Hamed - Member
so. Ghada Moayed Rasheed - Member
Prof. Dr. Nizar Khalaf Hussein - Tikrit University - College of Computer Science and Mathematics - Member
so. Idris Mohamed Nouri - Member
Prof. Abbas Younis Elias / Tal Afar University / College of Basic Education - member and supervisor
Prof. Dr. Zakaria Yahya Nouri - Member and Supervisor

At the conclusion of the discussion, the dean of the college presented certificates of appreciation to each of the members of the discussion committee, Prof. Abbas Hassan Taqi, Prof. Abbas Younis Elias and Prof. Dr. Nizar Khalaf Hussein, in appreciation of their scientific efforts and their hard work, to participate in the discussion.


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