Discussion of a Doctorial Dissertation  in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics - Department of Mathematics Sciences entitled:

Stabilizability and Solvability of Certain Types of Differential Equations with Application in Graph Theory

In continuation of the scientific research movement and with the follow-up and presence of the Dean of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Duha Bashir Abdullah The esteemed

It was discussed in the discussion room at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on Wednesday 24/11/2022

Doctorial Dissertation by student Mayadah Khalil Ghaffar Hassan , under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Fadhel Subhi FadhelandProf. Dr. Nabeel Ezzulddin Arif

    Delay differential equations consists of time lags are often  encountered in many real-life, problems, such as in physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, medicine, etc.   So,

We taked at the thesis:

  1. many complex models are constructed using delay differential equations.
  2. and the solution and stability of such models have a significance role, since they are able to represent such studies in reality in a more realistic manner.


  1. The first objective is to introduce theoretical methods for solving delay differential equations including numerical-approximate methods.
  2. The second objective is to introduce and generalize the backstepping methods as a tool for stabilizing and solving delay differential equations with varying time delays.
  3.  The third objective is to improve the methodology for stabilizing and solving delay differential equations with variable time lags by using Taylor's series expansion.

The fourth objective is certain problem in graph theory which is specifically dynamical graph as ahybrid method with the backstepping method to stabilize and solve ordinary differential equations..

The scientific committee included the following members:


1-         Prof.Dr.Abdul Ghaffor Jasim Salim / Chairman

2-         Prof.Dr.Raad Nori Botrus / Member

3-         Prof.Dr.Borhan Fakradeen Jumaa / Member

4-         Assist.Proof.Dr.Thair Younis Thanoon / Member

5-           Assist. Prof.Dr.Waleed Mohammed Fathi / and Member

6-         Asst. Prof. Dr. Fadhel Subhi Fadhel/ Member and Supervisor

7-         Prof. Dr. Nabeel Ezzulddin Arif/ Member and Supervisor

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