Discussion of a Master's thesis in college of Computer Science and Mathematics / Department of Software

Title: (Encoding and Decoding LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) codes in 5G)

In continuation of the scientific research movement and the presence and follow-up of the respected Dean of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics, Prof. Dr. Duha Bashir Abdullah

On Sunday (04/12/2022), the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at University of Mosul discussed the master's thesis of the student (Ali Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Hadidi), supervisor  Dr. Riyaadh Zaghlool Mahmood

The Thesis dealt with applications of coding and decoding for 5G of Internet. The thesis applied several algorithms in operation of decoding and improving them.

The Thesis focus to define Low-Density Parity Check encoding chain for 5G and the manners to insert bits to end of the message to help the receiver check correction of message . Also the thesis deal with  definition and how to choose the parity check matrix and  how to generate matrix (H-matrix), that is used in the encoding and decoding process  which is based on the LDPC decoding algorithms and  optimized methods  .

The study is developed chain matrix of LDPC encoding and decoding. It applied on the  5G of internet


The discussion committee consisted of:

Assistant Professor Dr. Asmaa’ Yassin Hamo - Chairman

Assistant Professor Dr. Abdul Sattar Mohammad Khader - Member

Assistant Professor. Shahad Abdul Rahman Hesso - Member

Dr. Riyadh Zaghlool Mahmood - Member and Supervisor


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