On Thursday, 19/11/2020, a thesis by M.Sc. student (Israa Rafid Mahmoud) / Department of Basic Dental Sciences and under the title (The effect of some herbs and synthetic materials on improving the ability of saliva to neutralize acidity in orthodontic patients) was discussed by the discussion committee.
The discussion committee consisted of:
Dr. Hussam Al-Din Salem Muhammad Saeed / Chairman, Tikrit University College of Medicine.
Dr. Niam Riyadh Saleem / member
Dr. Jonah Khaled Mamdouh / Member.
Prof. Dr. Ghada Abdel Rahman Taqah / member and supervisor
Dr. Sarmad Subhi Al-Qassar / member and supervisor

The student was discussed in the content of the thesis and was accepted after making some amendments to it.


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