On Thursday, 8/4/2021, a discussion of M.Sc. thesis in the Department of Prosthodontics was held by Hussein Talal Abd and entitled: The strength of the stability and the stress deformation of the parts of the clamps made of metal and polyether ether ketone in the dimensions of the different areas of stability. The aim of the study was to assess the effect of mechanical rotation of staples on artificial molars for a hypothetical ten years on the strength of staples and the resulting deformation after rotation.
The discussion committee was chaired by
Dr. Ammar Khaled Jamal Al-Din Al-Nouri
Dr. Radwan Hammadi Hassan Dr. Nadia Tawfiq Jaafar (University of Duhok)
Dr. Alia Wamid Al-Omari (Supervisor).
At the end of the discussion, the thesis was accepted after certain corrections to be made.

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