As part of Mosul University's endeavor towards openness and finding ways of scientific cooperation for undergraduate and graduate students and teaching staff with international universities, and under the supervision of the respected Dean of the College of Dentistry, Dr. Rayan Salem Hamed, the College of Dentistry / University of Mosul, the teaching specialty, hosted Dr. Khaled Ahmed / from the College of Dentistry / Craffith University / Australia in a webinar lecture under the title: Contemporary Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
In which the guest gave a detailed and up-to-date explanation of the oral diagnosis and the methods and treatment plans required in dentistry. The guest also addressed the importance of oral diagnosis in the treatment of many cases, indicating the importance of early and accurate diagnosis in the treatment and recovery of diseases that afflict humans through developing an early and correct treatment plan. At the end of the lecture, the guest answered questions and inquiries from the audience.

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