Discussion of MSc thesis in the Department of basic sciences

In the development of Basic Sciences of the College of Dentistry, University of Mosul, a MSc thesis discussion was held:
(The role of azithromycin in reducing gingival hyperplasia caused by cyclosporine): An experimental study on rabbits.
This will be held on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 in the hall of College.
The thesis was submitted by the student (Esraa Mahmoud Mustafa) dealt with the role of azithromycin in reducing gingival hyperplasia resulting from the use of cyclosporine.
The study concluded that oral administration of azithromycin at a certain dose for five days results in a significant reduction in gingival hyperplasia caused by cyclosporine.
Chairing the discussion committee:
Prof. Dr. Iman Issa Mahdi / the Faculty of Osool Al din University / Baghdad.
Dr. Abdul Hamid Natiq Hamed Assistant professor Dr. Jona Khalid Mamdouh /College of Dentistry.
Supervision and membership of the assistant professor Dr. Maha Talal Al-Mallah and the teacher Dr. Abdul Sattar Salem Mahmoud.
master’s thesis was accepted after conducting necessary modifications.

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