College of Dentistry discussed M.Sc. Thesis entitled " Protecting Effects of N-acetyl-cysteine Against Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress in Salivary Glands of Rats with Induced Metabolic Syndrome " on 14 November 2022 forwarded by Aws Zakaria Yahya. The study evaluated the possible ameliorating effects of N-acetyl-cysteine on salivary glands’ mitochondrial DNA copy number (mtDNA-CN), serum glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), blood glucose, lipid profile, body weight and salivary glands’ histological picture in fructose-induced MetS in albino rats. It was proved by the study that High fructose diets induced MetS with negative impact on the salivary glands’ mtDNA-CN, serum GSH-Px level, serum glucose, lipid profile, AIP, and body weight. NAC, on the other hand, alleviated these parameters, protected and cured the salivary glands from MetS' deleterious effects. Moreover, NAC’s effects followed a time-dependent manner.
The examination Committee was chaired by Prof. Dr. Maha Talal Alsaffar / College of Dentistry/ University of Mosul and with the membership of Prof. Dr. Shihab Ahmed Yousef/ Agricultural Technical College/ Northern Technical University and Assist. Prof. Dr. Jawnaa Khalid Mamdouh / College Dentistry/ University of Mosul and with supervision and membership of Prof. Dr. Ghada Abdulrahman Taqa / College of Dentistry/ University of Mosul and Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdelghafour Alqattan / College of Medicine / University of Mosul.
The thesis was accepted after making the recommended corrections.

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