The Central Bank of Iraq held a Symposium to discuss financial affairs under the title (financial and banking coverage) 
on Tuesday, 26/11/2019 at the Euphrates Hall in Department of Dams and Water Resources Engineering at 9:00 am.
The Symposium was attended by the Assistant Dean of the college of Engineering for Scientific Affairs 
Dr. Omar Mowaffaq Al-Yousef (representing the Dean of the college of Engineering),
Mr. Raad Saleh Sultan (Administrative Assistant) and a group of members of the college of Engineering.
The Symposium included a detailed definition of the mechanism of financial and banking coverage and 
the issue of the settlement of salaries of international staff and the importance of these matters
in maintaining the continuity of the delivery of salaries to employees even in the event of emergencies or outbreaks of war and others.
The Symposium also included clarifying the mechanism of withdrawing money from the ATM in case of its readiness and other matters.
The Symposium was delivered by Ms. Maysoon Mohamed Talab, Director of Payments, Mr. Ali Ezzeddine Thanoun, Director of Information and Public Relations, 
and Mr. Al Arqam Khairuddin Sabri from the Financial Inclusion Team.
The Symposium also included many inquiries and discussions between the attendees and the committee in charge of giving lectures.
The symposium ended at 11 am.

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