very important
To the students of College of Engineering
Our sons and daughters
good greeting...
The whole world is going through exceptional circumstances that are very difficult
and everyone suffers from it, because it is the plight of all of us that has caused
all the means of life to be stopped, and with whom everyone was forced to commit to the homes.
the world start to search for alternative means to continue life may be not the same quality
as the original means, but from the principle of working as possible.
Since the student is one of the segments of society, educational systems worldwide began
to search for alternative means to continue education and to prevent the wheel of life
from stopping and distance education was the only available solution.
Today, as Iraqi universities in general and the University of Mosul in particular
began to find alternative ways to regular education And the adoption of the idea
of ​​electronic education, in the interest of our dear students and a desire to provide
what is possible and within the available means and spare our country and our young people
additional losses represented by their loss of an educational year that will inevitably lead
to the loss of our country for the educated and conscious young people.
Today, college of engineering is represented by its academic staff to do all that it can
to deliver the scientific material to you through interactive lectures in the interest
of your future and also for its knowledge that you are the engineers and builders of the future
who will be the main nerve to build your city and your country.
We know that the matter is not easy and that there are many obstacles
But we also know with certainty that you are responsible for the responsibility
and we will work with you hand in hand to overcome this crisis.
we will come out of it stronger, God willing.
Knowing that distance education is a decision taken by Ministry of higher Education and scientific research
in the concern Including the continuation of the education wheel,
which is a binding decision for all Iraqi universities, including the University of Mosul
and not University of Mosul or College of Engineering the power to cancel it.
With my wishes to you and the whole world for health and continued progress.

Prof. Dr. Bayar Jaafar Al-Sulyvani
Dean of College of Engineering

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