Representatives of the e-learning cell of the scientific departments of college of Engineering met 
on Tuesday 24-3-2020 and chaired by Dean of the college prof. Dr. Bayar Jaafar Al-Sulyvani
with members of the e-learning cell in the college through a video meeting remotely .
the meeting discussed the learning methods Interactive e-mail,
and it was agreed on some points, including the use of (MEET) program or (ZOOM) program,
and other things aimed at activating the mechanisms of using interactive e-learning,
and how to change the way teachers work to suit the current circumstance.
the following recommendations were made:
1-Emphasizing the departments with the necessity of preparing interactive e-learning schedules
at specific times for each department starting in the afternoon,
due to the availability of electricity and the speed of the Internet.
2- The necessity of recording the lectures and publishing them on the YouTube site,
according to the desire of the lecturer, but the official email of the lecturer in establishing
the channel must be approved on YouTube.
3- Notifying students with electronic schedules and the necessity to inform them that
the given topic is essential and will be continued at the present time and
it is a substitute for regular lectures and has the same importance
and that parts of these lectures can be repeated if time permits after
the resumption of official working hours and only for incomprehensible parts
and at a rate not exceeding 5% Depending on time.
4- Emphasizing the seriousness and sobriety in completing the e-learning process
as a major and effective tool in the current circumstance.
Therefore, the dean recommended taking into the following points :
A- The mandatory restrictions on movement and movement do not mean that we stop performing our job tasks,
but rather replace the work method with another work method imposed by the current circumstances.
B- Preparing and updating the lectures before the date of the lectures, as appropriate.
C - Good practice for the approved program during electronic communication.
D- Practical lecturers should be included in the electronic tables, and explanatory videos of the experiments
will be displayed in an interactive manner in the presence of the students with the lecturer during the presentation.
E- Work to communicate well with students and urge students to entice them to enter
and participate in these lectures by encouraging and motivating them.
F- Providing storage for the recorded videos to provide students with, not to repeat the given material,
and to provide CD for absent students.
5- All links must be provided to (MEET) or (ZOOM) programs with the electronic schedule. 
It is not desirable to replace these links later and you will be subject to inspection by the Dean exclusively.

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