The College of Engineering / University of Mosul will organize its forty-eight electronic training course at exactly 9:00 Pm (Iraq time) on Thursday, 14/5/2020 by using the interactive program FCC. It will hold an international training course jointly by international speakers from Sultan Zain Alabidin University, Malaysia and University of Sindh, Pakistan entitled ( The dynamics of qualitative and grounded theory in multidisciplinary research ) delivere by DrOday Qusai Al-Chalabi from ( college of engineering / University of Mosul ) in addition to both Dr. Ahmad Puad From Sultan Zain Alabidin University UniSZA ) In Malaysia and Dr. Syed Faisal From (University of Sindh) In Pakistan.

The course will include an introduction to the qualitative methodological principles and methods of collecting, analyzing and linking information to the rooted theory " Grounded Theory (GT) " As well as explaining the principles of using research methodology in a theoretical way rooted in various scientific research.

Link to join the course: https: // join.
Meeting ID: college_of_engineering

Note : Attendees will receive a certificate of participation, and the participation link will be posted at the end of the lecture.

Thank you for Attendence


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