Based on the cooperation record signed between University of Mosul and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), which included holding of scientific workshops between Mosul University and international universities which aims to the development of academic and engineering staff in Nineveh Province. 

The activities of the third workshop are finished between Mosul University - college of engineering - Dams and Water Resources Engineering Department , and the Austrian University of Boku - Institute of Hydrological and Rivers Studies, entitled " two-dimensional and three -dimensional river modeling (2D & 3D) " (Computer-Based River Modeling) through cyberspace, where it started on Monday, 11/5/2020 for four days.

The workshop dealt with theoretical and applied aspects in the field of river modeling , how to choose mathematical models and appropriate programs for each problem Where some models were applied to simulate the process of flooding the river and the impact of areas, whether these areas are residential or agricultural.

A group of engineering staff from departments and directorates in Nineveh Province participated in the workshop, in addition to representatives of scientific departments and research centers at University of Mosul.

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