College of Engineering University of Mosul has started under the direct guidance of dean of College of Engineering  Prof. Dr. Bayar Jafar Al-Sulayvani, to form a central committee to organize electronic exams, according to the letter of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research dated 24/5/2020, where the committee held its first meetings on 25/5/2020 and continuously to develop Mechanism for conducting electronic examinations and within the controls and instructions.
During the meeting, the type of electronic platform for conducting electronic exams, represented in (Google Classroom) and a mechanism was also established to monitor students using the (Google Meet). Where detailed tasks were set for each of the exam committees and faculty members as well as for college students, and these tasks were written in the form of instructions for the purpose of circulating them to each of the three sides separately.
Among the necessary things in completing the work of the Central Committee for Electronic Examinations, a timetable has been organized to deliver workshops and training courses for exam committees and faculty members intensively for each of the departments of the College to ensure the participation of everyone and make the most of these workshops and training courses as shown in the table below Also, a special training sessions for the examination committees of the scientific departments were organized to explain how to implement the electronic examination mechanism in detail .
The Deanship of College of Engineering believes that students are the main axis in the success of this qualitative academic experience, so the guidance was in following up our dear students and overcoming all the difficulties that students fear and encouraging them to keep up with international universities and the academic community in the field of e-learning and to go through this experience with success and distinction . Task has also been done to organize experimental exams only without relying on the result of the test by the lecturers for all students and under the supervision of the examination committees in the departments to define the mechanism of the electronic exam and determine the requirements for its success for the purpose of providing it and breaking the barrier of fear and hesitation among students and overcoming all obstacles.
For the purpose of completing the requirements for commencing the start of electronic examinations within the timelines specified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the date for announcing the schedule of exams for postgraduate and undergraduate studies has been set on Sunday 7th june/2020 , and the date for announcing the annual pursuit of all students on Wednesday, 10/6/2020.
We would also like to show that the meetings of the Central Committee for Electronic Examinations at College of Engineering are held in constant session and under the direct supervision of the Dean of College of Engineering as well as mobilizing the efforts and energies of all faculty members for the purpose of keeping up with our student students and following them to overcome all obstacles and ensuring that ideal exams are characterized by scientific sobriety .

With our best wishes for success to all our students .

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