Under the Patronage of the Rector of Mosul University Prof. Dr. Kossay Kamalaldeen Al-Ahmady and with the support of Dean of college of Engineering Prof. Dr. Bayar Jaafar Al-Sulayvani, college of Engineering held an international training course entitled " The Relationship Between Geography and Materials in Islamic Arts and Architecture " by using the interactive program FCC on Wednesday, 10/6/2020. 

The course delivered by Prof. Dr. Sheila Blair and Prof. Dr Jonathan Bloom, Professors of Islamic and Asian Art and Architecture at Boston University and holder of the Hamad bin Jasim Chair for Art and Islamic Architecture. The course presented and translated by Prof. Dr. Wafa AbdulLatif .

The course included explaining and dealing with the relationship between the geographical location and building materials in Islamic architecture as well as explaining the most important characteristics of Islamic architecture that emphasized sustainability through the use of local materials in addition to treatments. Climate, where lecturers discussed a variety of models of buildings construction in various countries around the Muslim world. Those interested in Islamic architecture attended the course from various Iraqi universities and the participants have put forward many questions to the lecturers who were very happy in their presence and their willingness to cooperate in future and their desire to visit Mosul soon to give lectures directly for those interested At University of Mosul .

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