A Master Thesis discussed in Department of Computer Engineering College of Engineering University of Mosul , entitled " Hybrid Artificial Smart Hand for the Handicapped " for the student (Mohammed Tariq Mohammed) on Wednesday 1-7-2020 on the discussions hall of Mechatronics Engineering department.

The thesis offers an enhanced artificial arm study with a certain level of sensation As the sensory system mimics the sensation of the missing upper limb when using the prosthesis To achieve this concept, a temperature and pressure sensor is used to provide a better life experience for people with special needs Together, the temperature and power sensor are in the form of an arm band attached to the intact part of the user's skin. The sensing system works together with the artificial arm .

Panel controls Arduino Pre- programmed in the movement of the fingers based on the signal EMG TreatedThe humanoid robotic arm supports (6) degrees of freedom of movement A person with special needs in the upper limb area uses the artificial arm to interact with the body and also uses the sensory system to simulate sensation The mobile application is designed to provide more flexibility for the user of the electronic arm as it provides a user interface to control the electronic arm Experimental and statistical tests were conducted and the system's effectiveness and functions were proven .

The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Dr. Fakhruldeen Hamid Ali (president) and the membership of Dr. Dhafer AbdulFattah (member), Asst. Prof. Dr. AbdulSattar Mohammed Khudher (member), and Prof. Dr. Basil Shukur Mahmood ( member and supervisor ). 

Then the discussion committee read the decision and included acceptance the thesis and giving the student a Master degree .

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