The lecturer Dr. Khawla Fayyadh Mahmoud Aldawoody from college of Engineering University of Mosul participated in " the E-learning professional training program " which was established by the Ministry of higher Education and Scientific Research, in cooperation with the American IREX Organization of E-Learning and received an (Distinction) grade , which Continued for the period from 30/04/2020 to 05/07/2020 with participation of (79) government and private universities and (1051) lecturers from all Iraqi universities, including universities from Kurdistan Region .

The e-learning professional training program aims to support the capabilities of Iraqi faculty members in successfully integrating e-learning on a large-scale level in Iraqi universities .

Through the program, faculty members learned about e-learning concepts, methods, e-content, and effective education methods via the Internet, in addition to designing the training course, and this came through a sequential training model that could be used to train other lecturers in their universities after completing this program .

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